Deniz Dogruyol



Deniz Dogruyol

Born 1977 in Izmir, Turkey.

1995 Dokuz Eylul Fine Arts, Izmir

2014 Saddleback Fine Arts, California

She opened her first studio in Istanbul; working on paper art, found object art, assemblage and installation.

She inspires by the surreal mystery of life and sees everything as a precious material for her journey in design,

She collects materials from; swap meets, yard sales, street vendors, flea markets and life itself. She uses everyday objects to create her work, hiding her own poem inside.

And says “Everything wee see come from past and has it’s own soul, our souls just meet to create”.

In 2013, she opened her second studio in Los Angeles,

Her works exhibited at many solo and group exhibitions in United States and Europe.

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